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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Action Jackson

August 13th was my Action Jackson art class at Monkey See...Monkey Do! And I must say I had a blast. We learned about the work of Jackson Pollock, how he recorded movement through his art and listened to funk jazz music to inspire him.

We then turned up the tunes and got to work creating our own artwork on canvas. I loved seeing the different techniques and ways of working each student had. Each chose such fantastic and different color palettes and had such great variety of lines going across their canvases.

Besides the brush flinging and bottle squirting we also ran marbles across the canvas to blend and create a variety of different lines. Look at the texture of the one below!   We learned that sometimes flies and nails would fall on Jackson's large canvas but he would just leave them and paint over it; well her's has some grass and paint globs.

And of course we got quite messy!

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