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Monday, January 23, 2012

Future Cities

This past Saturday was the Future Cities Competition.  This year my 8th graders participated in the engineering event.  I just wanted to post some pictures of their city!  Though we did not place in the finals we did win the Student choice award.  This award is voted on by all of the student participates who vote for their favorite city.  I think it's an honor that my 8th grader's city was chosen by their peers! 

This was my first year running the program and had no clue what to expect, that being said I have a slew of information and ideas to guide their learning for next year! 

Our city was on hinges so we could lift it up for the judges to see.  I think this was one of the students' favorite features.

Our story was NYC was hit by a tsunami, with limited land mass they started to build underground.
Since subways were replaced with living space, we created the TTS, a transport system that runs through the entire city.  This was also our moving part.  Little capsules moved through the tubes.  One for personal vehicles and the other for commercial use. 

The greenhouse gets it light from the ground surface to grow plants for the underground living space.  We also have an elevator to transport supplies and people who own their own cars and do not use the TTS.
Large skylights provide natural light for those in the subterranean living.  We have a few located in Central Park.

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