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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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You might have noticed some changes around here.  New name and new layouts.  Since the end of this school year I have had some time to think about teaching my handmade business and what I see myself doing for the years to come.  The one thing I have struggled with is separating my personal and business blog with my classes and teaching.   

This is where Gesso comes in.  Here I will be posting strictly classes I'm teaching, St. Leo's snapshots as well as have it become a resource of projects you can do at home and places (in Buffalo)  where kids can soak up some art and creativity.

Why Gesso?

Gesso:  a white paint mixture used to prepare a canvas for painting.

Just as gesso is a foundation for a painting; art at an early age can create a foundation for lifelong creativity not only in arts and crafts but other subjects as well.  Gesso will provide art projects that encompass other school subjects, provide simple projects to do at home and some just for fun.  The goal is to provide a resource for teachers, parents and children a like!  So lets start making!

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