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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutorial: Homemade Chalk

The summer is almost over but it is not too late to squeeze in some creating.  Decorate the driveway or even use them through the school year for chalkboard fun!  It is super easy to make and the shapes they can be molded into are endless!
Supplies: Plaster of Paris
                Powdered Tempera (or regular is fine too)
                Something to stir in and with

Step 1:  Make sure your mold is clean and if you are using something that you use in the kitchen or something stiff I advise you to cover it in tin foil.  It protects the mold as well as make it super easy to pop out the chalk.

Step 2: The magic ratio is 1:2 One part plaster to two parts water.  Since I am using powdered tempera I include this into the plaster ratio.  Mix about two heaping spoonfuls of powdered tempera (the more you add the brighter the color)  to half a cup plaster of paris.

Step 3: Add a cup of water and mix.  Make sure you dig all the way to the bottom.  The plaster should cling to the spoon but still drip...think pancake batter.
Step 4: Pour into the molds.  Don't worry if you don't have enough, you can always make more.  This ratio makes about 6 mini muffins.   

Step 5:  Let sit for about 2 hours (might be longer for larger molds)  Or if you can, overnight.  Pop on out and they are ready to use!

IMPORTANT!! Do not pour plaster of paris down the drain, it ill clog it!! Instead let it harden and chip it away into a garbage can. 

Then enjoy or package up like below!  I packaged these lovelies for the kids taking my Messy art camp!  I think these would make some stellar party favors!

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