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Thursday, September 27, 2012

So You Want An Art Party?

IMG_2469 This summer I researched some behavior management systems for the artroom.  There were lots but I decided a game board system.  Each class must earn their space forward.  For the younger guys, they must get all smiles on the artsmarts board in order to move a spot closer to an art party!  You can also earn spaces by answering some trivia about their current project or general art classes.

I got the art smarts idea from Coral vs. Salmon and the board game from Ashley Norman.
IMG_2468 IMG_2472 Of course the ArtSmarts and Game Board match my classroom rules I made last year! IMG_2476

Monday, September 24, 2012

Classroom Revamps

Classroom1802 Classroom180 Hey Everyone!  It is about a month into school and both has it been a busy start!  Before school I rearranged my room and instituted a new behavior system!  And it seems to be working like a charm plus the reward will be super fun! (I'll be posting about that later in the week)  Here's just some quick photos I shot of my new classroom layout.   If you are curious what my classroom looked like last year check out this post.
IMG_2466 IMG_2500 IMG_2478 IMG_2497 IMG_2494 IMG_2492