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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Geometric vs. Organic

IMG_2673 IMG_2672 It's Geometric vs. Organic Shapes here in 1st grade! Well discovering these different categories of shapes we learned about two different artists. Piet Mondrian and Henri Matisse. We discovered that Mondrian loved using the Primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow, while Matisse used both Primary and Secondary colors! Mondrian used geometric shapes while Matisse used organic! However, both loved listening to jazz music while creating their artwork. In fact, Mondrian named one of his paintings Broadway Boogie Woogie! So of course we had to listen to some boogie woogie and jazz while creating ours!
IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2677 IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2669

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Goals Self-Portrait

IMG_2664 These were done in the beginning of the school year but I just got a chance to take some pictures.  Here at St. Leo's, Middle School starts in 5th grade so I thought it would be a perfect time for them to think up some goals for their first year in Middle School!  I got the idea from Art Projects for Kids.
IMG_2661IMG_2666 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2662 IMG_2665

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

C is for Color!

IMG_2651 This year  Preschool and Pre-K is going through the ABC's of Art! A was for Art (of course) B was for Brush (pictures soon) and C is for Color!  We sorted out our colors from lots of little scraps and learned to match tints and shades as well as use a glue bottle!  I was so proud of my Preschoolers who remembered to use "little baby ladybug" dots of glue.  When finished I strung them up to make a wonderful, colorful garland!
IMG_2648 IMG_2657 IMG_2653

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make Your Own Brushes Tutorial

Texture...I absolutely love it!  I love introducing it in my students' paint and collage projects it tends to help them grasp implied texture quite well.  Now, I do have some textured stamps for my kids to use but why not have some brushes too!  Here's a super easy way to make some fun brushes for kids to explore texture and paint with!
IMG_2510 You will need:  Tape (electrical or something waterproof is best)
                          Broken brush handles (Popsicle sticks works well too)
                          Pipe-cleaners, foam or anything that would make an awesome brush!
First brush is made with foam.  All I did was cut fringe, wrapped it around the brush handle and then taped.  It's as easy as that! With the red one I just folded the foam in half first. 
IMG_2511IMG_2522 IMG_2514IMG_2524 This one was made by bending a pipe-cleaner into a flower shape. My Preschoolers loved this one a lot! IMG_2515 I made a slew of different brushes.  My favorite is the deconstructed flower centers.  Simply take a silk flower apart but reassemble the stem with the plastic center.  I will say some turned out better than others so experiment and make some exciting art! Below is some paper my second graders made for their Eric Carle project.  I think he would be proud, so many beautiful papers and textures!
IMG_2529IMG_2527 IMG_2543 IMG_2537IMG_2536