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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make Your Own Brushes Tutorial

Texture...I absolutely love it!  I love introducing it in my students' paint and collage projects it tends to help them grasp implied texture quite well.  Now, I do have some textured stamps for my kids to use but why not have some brushes too!  Here's a super easy way to make some fun brushes for kids to explore texture and paint with!
IMG_2510 You will need:  Tape (electrical or something waterproof is best)
                          Broken brush handles (Popsicle sticks works well too)
                          Pipe-cleaners, foam or anything that would make an awesome brush!
First brush is made with foam.  All I did was cut fringe, wrapped it around the brush handle and then taped.  It's as easy as that! With the red one I just folded the foam in half first. 
IMG_2511IMG_2522 IMG_2514IMG_2524 This one was made by bending a pipe-cleaner into a flower shape. My Preschoolers loved this one a lot! IMG_2515 I made a slew of different brushes.  My favorite is the deconstructed flower centers.  Simply take a silk flower apart but reassemble the stem with the plastic center.  I will say some turned out better than others so experiment and make some exciting art! Below is some paper my second graders made for their Eric Carle project.  I think he would be proud, so many beautiful papers and textures!
IMG_2529IMG_2527 IMG_2543 IMG_2537IMG_2536

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