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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rizzi City for Meet the Teacher Night!

First artwork of the year is up! I wanted to have some work for the parents to see at meet the teacher night. Grades K-8 learned about NYC artist James Rizzi. Rizzi lived his community and you can see it,in his playful paintings. We focused on his buildings that seem to take in a personality of their own. Students were asked to think about their community and specifically our school community here at St. Leo's. After discussing the important, favorite and their own role in the community students were asked to create a building that commucates their role or something about their personality.  Put them all together and you get a Rizzi city of unique and wonderful artists!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Miss T's Summer!

School has started! And there has been complete radio silence here on this blog.  I figured I would update all of you what I have been up to this summer!
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with local mural artist Augustina Droze on a mural that was installed on Grant Street in Buffalo, NY!  We are currently finishing one that will be located in Clarence Hollow.  It was amazing to learn how to create something so large!  The Grant Street mural is 32 by 80 feet!  I am now itching to create a mural at St. Leo's this year, definitely not as large but I think I now have the confidence and skills to organize a large painting with my students.

I also taught an Around the World Art camp at Monkey See, Monkey Do...Children's Bookstore!  I had a blast with my 13 lovely young ladies exploring different cultures and making some fabulous artwork!  Below are only some of the 9 projects we were able to make!
I'm incredibly excited for my third year at St. Leo's! Year. three. I can hardly believe it! I have so much planned for this year! Stay tuned for projects and art fun!