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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tutorial: Origami Sphere

I have been making these origami balls ever since my elementary art teacher taught me in 4th grade. That's right, 4th grade! I have no clue how I have remembered this for all these years but I'm certainly glad I did. I recently taught my 5th graders how to make these and many made some at home!  Since then, I have gotten quite a few requests on how to make them. So here is my attempt at showing you how through pictures. If you have any questions just shoot me an email or comment on this post and I will try and help you out! 

 -I suggest using 6in by 6in paper (traditional origami size) for the first time round because the smaller it is the harder. 
 -Try making them all different sizes and hanging them! It would make for a gorgeous arrangement for a party or event! 
-Make the edges nice a crisp by using the back of your thumbnail, and bone folder or even a popsicle stick to create a crisp fold.

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