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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Theme of the Month: Architecture

This year's art curriculum is all about exploring different careers in the arts.  I wanted to make sure students learned a variety of different options as well as make sure it was organized in a way I could manage all of my 10 grade levels.  So that's where my Monthly art themes come in.  Each month we have a different category to explore.  All of my classes explore this theme in different ways and different levels.

October's theme was Architecture.  Here is just a few of the projects that were created.

Students designed their own dream playgrounds after looking at some of the craziest from around the world!  They also practiced cutting out their shapes with scissors.  

First Grade:

Students made some 3D houses from boxes and paper towel rolls to create these colorful houses.

Second Grade:
Students took a look at contemporary illustrator and artist Marz Jr.  They also looked at Buffalo Architecture icons to help make these drawings.  Do you recognize any of the white buildings?

Fourth Grade:
We looked at Victorian Houses to help inspire these foam prints. Since it was close to Halloween, some of them decided to add some spooky twists.

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