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Gesso:  a white paint mixture used to prepare a canvas for painting.

Just as gesso is a foundation for a painting; art at an early age can create a foundation for lifelong creativity and exploration not only with art but in a child's daily life.  Gessokids aims to provide art projects that encompass other school subjects, simple projects to do at home and art inspiration from around the web.  I hope this provides a resource for teachers, parents and children alike!  So lets start making!

About Mrs. Rauscher

I’m Mrs. Rauscher but most of my students call me Mrs. R.  I have been teaching since 2011 and currently teach Pre-K thru 8th art at St. Christopher School as well as Assist and Teaching at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  I graduated from Buffalo State College with a B.S. in Art Education in December of 2010 and my Master's in May 2015.

Art has been something that I have been compelled to make and learn about since elementary school and my visit to a Claude Monet exhibit at the Albright Knox around age 8.  I love to provide my students with authentic and exciting art activities that span world cultures, different mediums and much more!  I am also the co-creator of the Buffalo Diocese STREAM Academy: Fab Fashion and the Stage and Costume Director of our Schools Musicals.

In my spare time, I love to crochet, bake, play the occasional video game and snuggle with my two cats, Remi and Finn.